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and like differences are seen in black and Avhite rats. On the whole,

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difficulty is mechanical — the valvular imperfection being too great for

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contrasted with the thyroid as a member of the catabolic or dissimila-

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the same success. In the mean time, she has become so well

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Pellagrin 131, a white man, is without definite record in 1914, the fifth

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are present in human gastric juice and are considerably higher than the

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the occipital nerves. Sometimes the pain shoots downward to the

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"volatile" protein is an important respiratory factor.

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periods. It would appear, therefore, that a convulsive seizure does

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She was paralyzed at 5 years and used a wheeled chair for 30 years. The father

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In the funiculus ventralis, there art' numerous degenerated fibers scattered

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this on the ground of inheritable differences in constitution of the chil-

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the spinal accessory subsequently joins the vagus and is distributed

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psychosis, known as the nicotismus mentalis, a tendency to impo-

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the heart through the coronary arteries. Moreover, the lesion itself

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be seen later in this paper, the results from the partial isolation of the

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two hours ; but a far more eligible preparation is the liquor ammonii

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goitre was a functional neurosis, basing their opinion upon the

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enza. In these cases it is when convalescence has set in that phlebitis

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I found that the force of pulsation formerly manifested had greatly

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murmurs. Guiteras distinguishes this region as "romantic" in this

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beginning of the process ; (5) The fatty degeneration seldom stands

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tory. A sufficient quantity of blood is then propelled as if by a dou-

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Cases of distinct dilatation are always marked by tachycardia.

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dered inactive by valerian; the cohosh was added directly to the

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The nervous sequelae occurring in some cases have been already

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patients complain that the whole body seems to throb. Gowers 123

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