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which no one would pretend to deny. In the individual case being dealt

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evident that it will be utterly impossible for any passarie

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harmful matter. Just think of scarlet fever, measles,

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they had all entirely ceased, in the order above enumerated. Two

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Published by Charles Lynde & Go , 31 Cornhill, Boston.

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lege, — evidence of which, his diploma, must be submitted to the

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per minute having proved the most useful for the pur-

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cleaning, and, for those who prefer glass,-is recommended for its lesser liability to

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phosphate as is necessary for the neutralisation of the corresponding acid

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Dr. J. P. McInerny, of Kingston, Ont., was then introduced,

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gular as it seems) to their posterior lobes. Thus the functions of the corpus

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about the position of some kidneys, and in proportion as regard

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students who spent several hours daily in the hospital. None of these indi-

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prises which have for their object the development of the Agricultural in-

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patenting an instrument, or from, in some other way, acquiring

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water vapour was systematically exhaled in very con-

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ford. The possibility to be as beautiful at fifty as at fifteen, is here

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live until morning. The temperature began to rise in

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in water, and injected into the veins of a dog, it causes copious

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derian or pituitary membrane may even swell, so as to look like a

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deaths. In 1878 this disease, according to the " Le Progrds Medical," carried

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for this reason the floors and walls should be as impervious

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foreshadowed ere the century dawned. With revolving years, of

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learn what the author has to say about its antiseptic employment.

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laniS, and Ghambrelent. Annates de gynecologic, t. xxxiv. 1890. — 10. Idem. Mmire,

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written agreement to pay the said highway commissioner or other officer

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ordinary to the senses this painful malady. And so it is that scientific

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diminish its bony cavity ; consequently the size and capacity of

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that a similar statement is applicable to the so-called cancerous

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for the Insane at Kalamazoo, Michigan, returning to Middletown

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harmful excess. In this view it might even be better for the patient, if

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with medical and line officers engaged in the Seminole war,

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in active practice until his death, July 11, 1920. He was a member of the county

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edifice of the prevention of disease, that noble edifice

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careers, a clear memory of their undergraduate lives and sym-

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The statements of the witnesses differ somewhat as to the amount of the ex-

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"20th. This day a seaman's wife was brought from La Pique, in

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medulla naturally allows of serious pressure on these structures, so that

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