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expedient at once novel and brilliant. This was by incisions skillfully
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pouch but on incising posteriorly nothing could be palpated. The
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less until death. The urine was always scanty pale
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Bramwell. Consulting Physician Accoucheur Dr Underbill. Consulting
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swallow an Einhorn duodenal tube. Near the metallic head of
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count he has aimed at giving a popular cast to his disquisition
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acid was reduced to picramic and Avhat proportion was
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occasionally they are congested and contain hemorrhagic infarctions.
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administration is generally not necessary or recom
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domesticated animals as well. One writer is said to have
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Upon this subject it seems proper to observe that a meagre
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perature over pulse from the time of operntion Friday
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show a reflex or there will be a latci al enlargement of the
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tions two or three tubes be made in every case. When we consider
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reflexes are not disturbed trophic changes are not present and hysterical
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of heematuria and ureter catheterization may be advisable in order to deter
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begun July with a resulting cessation of itching. Desquamation
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a considerable diminution of the white medullary cells and a fatty
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Respiration easy. Expectoration of tenacious mucus very considera
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was in the dry season and one of several similar cases.
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drinking which however is disproportionate to the larger
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year plainly reflect the efVect of war conditions. The number of
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acid either before or after contact with the metals. A
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If further information is needed please contact Caroline Kellersman Assistant Camp Director at
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dysenteric inflammation if life has been considerably prolonged.
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Director Student Health Services Western Connecticut State
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tion. Looking downwards from the arytaeno epiglottidean folds the
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and diphtheria antitoxic sera when separated from the sera carries
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the respiratory gases and the urinary nitrogen. From the