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education for our own doctors? The cost of a medical education to

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in other words, they w^ere always most obvious in well-

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Another danger to the alcoholic is extreme mental or

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efficient public vaccination, namely, regular periodical

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administered in teaspoonfuls constantly ; for instance, milk, eggs, beef -tea,

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Hilgenreiner described in the Prager nied. Wochenschrift,

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Registration Fee: $ 40.00 I — J Registration Fee : $20.00

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twister, all together. No forceps ever constructed could be used successfully

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old cultures; reverse, not colored (or slightly yellow); color in media, none or slight.

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(18) L. frontal. W. 0., man, aged 35 (Sir D. Ferrier). No history of syphilis recorded;

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kidneys. He was unable to explain whence the fat comes ; indeed, he

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plasters, or flying-blisters, or the tincture of iodine. By the stomach

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that patients like hot applications better than cold.

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The second is where the edges do not unite directly, but

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infinitely greater certainty than heretofore. This is the usual

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gether over the subjacent stomach. Occasionally also such resonance

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throughout the country to keep track of irregular schools, and it would do

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I cannot forbear citing it, hoping for further light upon the

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that it was something more than an inflammatory growth. The

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external occipital crest. The trephine, of f inch in diameter, was applied

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sion. The operation was followed by some protrusion

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side. If both posterior columns are divided, there will be a diminu-

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more definite term than that. It is not a disease, but a

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1907. Thomas, Thomas Turner, M.D., Associate Professor of

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4h. 35m. Administered forty drops more of tincture. At 4 o'clock and

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recommended to take a tablespoonful of it three times

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jiEsculapius. The temples were usually hygienically