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fruMi Ihc .Miilleiian and W'olffi.-in iliicts i c. of Ihe ureters, iit.riis. p'al

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P family, was of necessity derived from indirect sources, the reason

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acterized by fever and cough. She cried a great deal and slept very little.

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hogs, and 43 pools of insects, 38 of which were flies.


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liviM ulii.-Ir. .■i.r.M.lia'j t.. tlir al...\.' ri|irili..n<. >Ih.iiM v irl.l ri.Hy a. a. I.

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reflexes, a positive Eemig sign and an extreme degree of hyperesthesia.

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trip with me about the lake investigating the same. We have lost a few horses

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softening, becomes invaded with bacteria, and the experimental

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St. Louis (1948); Frank W. Hall. Cape Girardeau (1948).

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of this act and found to be wholesome, sound, and fit for human food ; and for the

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presented, this b.'cmes an active sp..t for th.. c.n.litioned r.^rtex. At

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which unloaded or into other cleaned and disinfected cars and reshipped as uninfected

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this ehaii'^re depends en tlM> fai't that tlio desaturated fatty acid will

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then only of pork from hogs intended for export. * * * When these parasites are

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Counties: Bollinger, Butler, Cape Girardeau, Dunklin, Iron,

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before, is equal in potency to IV 2 grains of the whole

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Crude calcium phosphate in 2-dram doses three times daily may prove

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filtered, and 2 ' c. c. of the filtrate were introduced into the left lateral

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tissue as a result of radiation or inflammation. The former will be con-

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The results in this series were indeed striking. Amounts of blood ranging

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August 14, 1947. One week before, she developed fever

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boards, and shall be properly nailed or bolted to stanchions.

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4. The directorate of the respective local agricultural society or a

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consisted of tuberculous lymph glands from a hog. These were all

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THEELIN IN OIL ill ampoules of 0.1 mg. (1000 I.U.), 0.2 mg. (2000 I.U.),

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been approached and that a committee has recommend-

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Uterus, carcinoma of the, Report of two fatal cases following Percy's low

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stetrics, and that in the past there has been little attention

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shipped between establishments at which inspection Is maintained the number of the

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was painted red, and the upper walls and celling whitewashed. Although trimmers were

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the Kahn verification test, as well as several other

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It has been the custom for the past three years to publish in the

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spots*; pork on the floor. Other portions of the cellar were fairly dry as to the floor

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obtaining long, filamentous forms of bovine tubercle bacilli, staining

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nicating with the respiratory or alimentary tracts.