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that they should not be deterred by the protests of the patient from

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been studied scientifically. A beginning has not been made. This

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mencement. There are one or at most two days of slight illness, and

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thyroid because of the discovered suscejHil)ility to the thyroid that

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by the pronounced cyanosis, the presence (sometimes) of choroidal tu-

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help them in their profession, such as botany, comparative

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eruption (the twelfth or thirteenth day of the disease) the pustules begin

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determined in numerous a higher specific gravity of the blood

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This is a beautiful theory, and really the theory to-day

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rapid method of great practical value for staining the organism in tissues,

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opinion in the profession appears to be against this mingling

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and dulness of the percussion note had not entirely cleared up when I last saw

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Dr. Julius Fodor mentions, in his report for 1893 of the Hydrother-

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Predisposing Factors. — (1) Age. — This is the most important factor,

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cases which resulted in recovery the relative percentages diminish still

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procedure ; the duration should be from six to ten minutes.

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does not extend beyond a radius of a few feet from the patient, (c) A

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entire routine of exercise. Later, after the muscles become

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open, and when commencing to decay it rolls outward, and

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were referred to in discussing the pathology (pleurisy and pericarditis)

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ma of the glottis may suddenly demand tracheotomy. To avoid the de-

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Pauper inmates from among the women were the nurses. Im-

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reaction obtained. To ])racticc the test, jilace a piece of litmus

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Myocarditis. In this connection it should be pointed out that the con-

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Some claim it is a neurosis pure and simple. I know all suf-

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forming fresh generations of hematozoa. These young parasites assume

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obviously the most rational thing to do is artificially to supplement

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when the ])rimary typhoid is of average or even a greater than average

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symptoms, internal antipyretics are alloAvable if properly administered.