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ployed by the individual pharmacist or manufacturer in using
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exhalants ; and, assuredly, the most efficient and the least exhausting of
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Pharmacist J. Cowan, detached from Olacter and ordered to the
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Maugeis's case. This simple abstract sufficiently shows how vague must
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with the Medulla Oblongata. By John Hilton, Esq. — The author first
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corresponds exactly with the appearance of the preparations on the table.
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in healthy tissue and avoid the possibillity of reimplantation.
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tention tremor of the hands. The deep reflexes were normal,
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Stomatology — Chairman, R. R. Andrews, Cambridge, Mass.;
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absent. The penile type of hypospadias opens at some
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83. Hens from Vascular Obstruction. — McArthur de-
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Thorax. — Lungs healthy, crepitating, containing air; left lung slightly
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of zinc sulphate, followed tj a good washing. In cases of
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answered by Weiss, who takes the stand that permission to
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specimen. Two small arteries required a ligature. The wound in the
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sequence of a sharp pain, followed by the discharge of water, and the pro-
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as from those of benevolence and science. Ireland also shows a galaxy of
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Nor do I think that much more reliance will be placed in Legallois the
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Medical Department of the Cincinnati College. — The catalogue of this
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enable them to go through mud and climb the hills. Their main
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at his office with the powder marks all removed. So far, this
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The following communication in a recent medical periodical,' by William
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tube, etc. ; and even as late as 1892 no less than twenty-
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veins, at the very instant that Dupuytren had opened the internal saphena !
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1. Expense. — A very important matter when it comes
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of investigation, who can tell what would have been
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gallons. On opening the abdomen the fluid is found to have been contained
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cupping action is not relieved when the lips are parted to the