may retain their general character and composition for centuries.
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a skin disease but like dandruff is a manifestation of a systemic
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probable that scrofula may arise by the agency of microbes other than
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Dr. Andres F. MrP RiD of Patersnn thought that children
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does not appear to exert any very special influence except that children
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Sec.. The Secretary shall be elected in the manner hereinafter pro
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The septicemic changes might have been induced by hEemor
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Dose Six pills in two tablespoonfuls of water a teaspoonful every
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The history of venesection is very much like that of calomel.
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consisted in removing the diseased segment of stomach
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rected and which by right should come under the supervision
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gestation. Our author discredits these observations and is of the opinion
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numbers calm the tranquil delirium and dissipate promptly
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of energy which in its turn causes an increase in the thickness