media containing rabbit serum and phenol red it was found that the
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old as I am being blessed with a happy constitution I find
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merged into the University of Toronto he continued to
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only in fome parts of their furfaces whence by reafon of the numerous
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lated from the stools of these patients on a high calory
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phthisis instances of the last two accidents have come under the writer s
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toms were absent the fact was explained by the deposits
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infection of the sewers by these two cases during a considerable period
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In this form the diagnosis is of course readily made
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others showed a structure precisely similar to a section of adenoid tumour
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sulphate of magnesia internally and tinct. iodine and soap lini
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longer periods March to September November to May re
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University or a member of the medical profession whose name is on
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arrangements and in others because those who used to send
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with a sufficient division of the capsule to permit the re
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gymnastics may occasion the aspiration of sputum into healthy parts
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few words from myself on the same subject may not be unacceptable to
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to the attending physician in all matters which defy her
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sary. Its elevation is similar to that of the Carolina
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the salt in immediate contact with it and thereby lost the power of
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BufficienUy fortified bj isolated successful precedents to
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ory Wild endive Willoof euccory Bunk. It is bitter
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which these scales provide but otherwise not. The dose
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In the parenchymatous organs the first stages of parenchy
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injected the pupils were the size of pin points and the
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which had extended to the kidney. Although the blad
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degrees. There remains a slight fullness about the joint but in other
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cases out of the process is slow and insidious commencing
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nective tissue changes while typhoid fever and malaria
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pass through or over an adjoining lot the drains carrying off such
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measure to bandaging etc. Mr. Heath has addressed his
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in contact with the wall with such force and so often
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be apprehended from inoculation. The root of the tail and
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were disinfected while the fifth furnished a satisfac
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Leloir J recites the history of a patient who in developed
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two cups of pastry flour may be used for oatmeal cookies. If vegetable
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ation between them one at each packing house of the country.
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fession. As to its being painless I can say from posi
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cuticle and may not be completed until the end of the