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The characteristic features of people and places are brought out with the most

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senting the symptoms of yellow fever but not proven

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June st. I examined the wound and found that it had

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extravasation of blood or general depression of vital

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be subsequently tightened in case the rubber tubing should not control the

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ascertaining their specific cause. These may be atypical forms of the various

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less and no more than upon the action of the nerves of the

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of mercury. This has been noted for many years in Germany es

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stenosis a presystolic murmur when it is really a murmur of

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ro nng but often the posterior urethra is alone at fault

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and he replied abstractedly I hope so. I would like to

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the ceiling that works all this mischief sometimes of abominable

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color and relief effects. No artificial representation can be expected to

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to a brief description of the minute anatomy of the

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fact remains that in a considerable percentage of the cases

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as the United States Bureau of Animal Industry. With the aid

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that this combination of symptoms was recognized as due to the

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that this substance after exposure to radium produces the

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Upper apparently normal. Lower power is apparently good. Both knee jerks

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borne in mind that an organism may have several different habits

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In fact there are rarely many difficulties in diag

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which is most likely to mislead the ignorant and also one

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pain in epigastrium followed by collapse. He had vomited

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extent of the area between the two peritoneal folds occupied

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this does not take place because the pressure of the

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The patient received treatment for her joint trouble from Novem

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I shall mail a reprint of the article to those physicians

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ance of the symptoms the rheiunatic state seemed to linger

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Although all are agreed that the first course of treat

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