Starch is a carbohydrate having the empirical formula
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not originally founded for this end. Hospitals are an
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fore this inquifitive perfon rejefts the vulgar do lrine of antipcriftafis
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the clinical study of surgery and met with much ridi
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any clearly defined species but rather a continuous procession advancing from
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uterine mucous membrane and we note a strong gymnastic table
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sugar gradually reduced and gluten flour may be substituted for ordi
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away by the glowing accounts of brilliant cures from a
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lymph vessels and lymph spaces dilated sometimes to such an extent
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The data given in the charts were merely submitted as
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Definition. Ascites is a freely movable collection of liquid in the
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disk. We have had two cases of supposed tumor with death following
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in the bulb or in their terminal distribution in the mucous membrane lining
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merable bacteria are seen the majority of the latter being the comma bacilli.
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degree. Owing to the safety of the csesarean section this operation
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jections every or days continued over a long period of time.
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The writer had the opportunity of examining bacteriologically during a
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by ordinary microscopic examination. Jousset s method of inoscopy is
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dered permanent by their application l eing made as
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any form is apt to be associated with pleurisy and adhesions between the
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Three cases are reported by Leyden of paraplegia urinaria two of
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Upon this dog this experiment was repeated four times three
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observation of the writer consisted of sixty cases.
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entered Union College graduating at twenty years of age when this
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tion will doubtless be by men or possibly women not only without special
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But for all practical purposes tubal is the only primary form and falls
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Only thirty cases have been reported but he believes the condition not to
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was as approachable towards the close of last summer as it
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tinence at times and painful micturition. The pain in this
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superior border of tlie internal sphincter one inch and
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is replaced by the vertex which by pressing upon the os uteri
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in the recent fighting in Belgium. Immediately after the