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Palliative Treatment of Inoperable Carcinoma of the

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are witnessed under the operations of the animal magnetizer. By

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officer in the British army. The other two commissions were

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producing an artificial pneumothorax with nitrogen gas

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the history of the case A healthy looking man aged fi

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employed. The granules are most abundant at the periphery

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by the brain during the entire period being sensible. Every pain is

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hardness or tumor or even suppuration or a state of ascites is

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The ocular muscles had been most fruitful in result. The

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because secondly while this plan does not avoid entirely the neces

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months before her admission into the Westminster Hospital and felt

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Sherman s march February from Vicksburg to Meridian and

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it were such a gentle easy death and affording scope for

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the appearance of the lenticular spots. The feeble condition

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