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He had successfully treated eleven such cases by resection

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panied or preceded by rheumatic pains in the joints and

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of injury a verdict was returned in about thirty min

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hemiplegic paraplegic or diplegic type with a definite

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would be easily sufficient to color even larger quantities of fluid we

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resulting from closure of the openings of the uter

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diastole of the left ventride do not suffice to deploy and press together

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taken. During the whole treatment not a cry or com

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Emaciation was rapid and continuous. The tumour remained fixed in

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Coraco clavicular ligament passing outward to the scapular

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but sometimes without it. Now among the circumstances which

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e. Or of having been engaged during five years in the

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disappeared. The patient also said he had some pain at the

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cartridge. The peculiar character of the wound favors the develop

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we do find material changes in association with functional disturb

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tainly neitlier within the province of the patient to

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organs. After freeing this the tubes and ovaries were

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out in since which time this country has been free from the

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occur in adjoining houses. When the occurrence of one

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of the head neck and a part of the great trochanter. From