duodenum and they secrete a fluid the function of which
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exudate which covers the peritoneum in diffuse peritonitis. An incision
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kills the patient on the fifth sixth seventh or eighth
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tion augments the suffering. The jaw is closely locked. The creature
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head. Thus it is that Rivinus has defcribed and figured
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as it is replete with information the most varied and unique. The
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others as to its controlling power over the nervous system and
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disease may have induced us perhaps to carry them further
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operation had been examined by Drs. Christensen and Gunder
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to displaced stomach the happy end attained in neuras
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Muscular coordination and memory were good. He could visualize his pieces
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sudden rise of temperature usually coincident with the chill this con
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habits white bread and tea all contributed to constipation.
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sented by bread potatoes and cereals together with sugar normally
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ounce of water three fluid drams of the syrup and dis
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relation of swine plague to hog cholera. We have a filterable virus
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Dose Three globules in a teaspoonful of water every three hours
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receive into an empty stomach one roll of white bread of about
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tract dose one to five grains tincture four ounces to a pint of
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Catarrhal ulcers arc common and appear in two forms
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which like an invisible spirit may haunt the unhappy
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The elder Larrey shows how far he carried the prin
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down it may coat over the hardened faecal matter so that
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reckon d grains for the weight of the whole afcended matter. The Caput
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canalis pterygoidei others from the internal carotid plexus
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ting them to come in contact with some non sterile article
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reflected to the voluntary muscles causing general convulsions.
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tion in proportion of five of the first and three of the