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tions of clinical lectures a monograph of sixty six pages on
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Weinberg and Seguin lace five anaerobes in the following order
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microbe is present in the diseased tissues and by its presence there
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ferent supplies. Also according to the Surgeon Thirteenth Air Force
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fever great depression lameness dyspnea. Mortality is high.
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disease. The facility with which dilatation of the pupil
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antiseptic solutions should e dropped into the nostrils twice
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there has been an actual exposure to smallpox vaccination may be performed
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the Skin Edinburgh Eoyal Infirmary Lecturer on Diseases of the Skin
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and susceptibility he would not enter into that in detail. For some time
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himself and to every person concerned Is not this condi
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possible to protect the animals from infection through their
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As conscientious men loyal to our grand and noble profession
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