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in these cases is bad coaptation of the ends of the broken bones and
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of hens' cgsrs. One a few inches below the nipple, the other be-
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manner transmitted malignant pustule, mange and hydrophobia.
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occurs, the body wiped dry, and the patient placed in bed. The frequency
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taken and photographs made of the patients and will be kept
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hyaline, granular and fatty casts were found in the urine.
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its severity ; the removal of the divided extremity of the fe-
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became one of its regular members. Although Constan-
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in fevers, and when it is found to disagree with the patient,
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been secured. It is made to grasp the tonsil in a vertical direction as
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that B would introduce the infection, for he would develop mumps
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demonstrated in both. In neither case was there any
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it is chiefly characterized by the disproportion existing between
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seems to be that the lines are too thick for their length. I divided the
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simply waiting till the sun went down, and then having
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duties or his lack of laboratory facilities justified poor work or failure
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therapeutical experience in this line during the past
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air from the cells in expiration ; hence, collapse occurs of the lobules to which
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frequently by syncope. The latter may be fatal and the patient dies in a
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difference to be found between the rate of the pulsations of the heart
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rural area. Bustling practice with limitless oppor-
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About 6 years ago, without any known cause, a small lump
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pulse may be frequent, or retarded, and headache, delirium, or coma may
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Dr. J. W. Irwin : It is a new measure that has done very good
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vested in others. If they wish to practise let them take the
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less in the female. The left kidney is" longest, thinnest, and light-
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died at 2 P. M. Survived the inoculation 26 hours. The lesions found at autopsy-
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injurious. The patient was debilitated by a previous severe
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haps a portion of its crest, the glotto-epiglottic fold, and
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protract an operation indefinitely, if the stone can be
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of moulds which microscopically showed spores and mycelia. The species
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24 years old, suffering from mobile retroflexion of the uterus,
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careful course of chloral and potassium bromide, wliichlast year was changed
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In all cases of disease or injury to the cord the paralysis