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every two hours in quantities up to an ounce at a time if re-

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guide professional opinion should be found making an effort to

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sions of opinion we may gather that, much as resection

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Nederl. Tijdsclir. v. Geneesk., Arast., 1899, 2. Ii., xxxv, d. 2,

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cinnati, read a paper entitled " The Etiology of Stomati-

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the patient or his family wantonly disregards the hy-

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part, among whom continence is the rule, and prosti-

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uniformly absent. Tremor is irregular and less marked. Exoph-

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an affection. Less commonly, death results from bedsores, or intercurrent

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Night terrors from febrile disturbance: — These are characterised by visual

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cerebri is good, but the author has copied the somewhat misleading

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been advocated by Dr. Peyton Blakiston, in a short treatise on influenza,

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day or two previous and during the menstrual flow; or, better still, is the

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that they might be used in the treatment of malarial disorders.

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health resort. Roy. Cornwall Polytech. Soc. Rep. 1890,

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leuka'mia, lymphatic anamia, rickets, idiopathic purpura,

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1901 she was treated by Dr. Robert Farnan, in the Mater Miseri-

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directly invited to give legal form to charges of neg-

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doubt that in such cases the effect of the alkaline injections was to prevent any

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sertion that the intracapsular fracture was incapable of bony repair, is

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physician relative to a tumour which appeared in the right breast in Septem-

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may also take place with thickening of the rete, and blood-coloring

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and being less restless. Temporarily it thus affords relief,

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writings of the Middle Ages, viz., they abound in reports

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lation of gas in the intestinal canal. Possibly 50 per cent, of all

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assists the lungs in the elimination of carbon from the system. Comparative

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is a Medicaid organization and is the mechanism for

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in not one of the twenty or thirty exactly similar places was there

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Such cases as are described by E. Wagner (in Jahiix

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