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has occurred after mental shocks, as in poignant grief or intense fear ; it
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64 per cent, Marinesco and Serieux in 66 per cent, and, from an analysis
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diverted by the counsel of the fifth earl of Oxford, whom he
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p. 112. — 5. Hutchinson, Adam, and Morton. Brit. Jour, of Dermat. May, June,
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ally the stings or punctures of leeches or insects, suffice in certain people,
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alio studio delle tricofizie umane," Giorn. Ital. d. rnalatt. vener. e delta pelle, xxi.
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book was the "Canon of Medicine," a text-book of medical
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of the chest and neck may be as visible to the physician as they are
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group of remedies in the highest degree ; but both, especially the
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included also certain forms of psoriasis, and the so-called lichen circinatus
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which is inserted in a vise and gentle pressure applied to the pro-
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Woch. 1864, i. pp. 209, 221, 229.-27. Roberts. Phila. Polyclin. 1894, iii. p. 411.—
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cultures. Culture difficult, forms a deposit like fine sand in fluid media ;
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thus become diffusely and symmetrically thickened ; or, on the other
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abandoned — that the surgeon's knife must ever remain a
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dangerous. Such patients chatter without ceasing and rapidly exhaust
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amendment seemed to be spontaneous, and could not be credited to any
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liquefy gelatine, and coagulate milk much more slowly than the pyo-
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these the most severe, in which arsenic seems to have not the slightest
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Antiseptics, such as mercury in weak solutions, may also be employed,
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as the attack passes off it expands again. In neurasthenia in its un-
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Amongst 127,000 cases of all forms of diseases and injury that came
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I would use the term "symptomatic" to describe all cases due to reflex
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The surrounding skin may be hypertrophic, with raised margins over-
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free in the tissues ; special staining method used by Lustgarten. Other
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the polymorphous forms as a distinct disease — Dermatitis herpetiformis,
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depends upon the extent of the cutaneous affection ; at first, when the
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the absolute frequency both of hysteria and insanity ; and, more than
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without fear or error, that the spasms will continue until delivery. If
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measure of the intensity of the disorder, and a good test of progress. By
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says that "the evidence increases that it is more or less allied to the
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description of psoriasis, which they speak of as " Lepra vulgaris, the
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women who have not passed the child-bearing age receive Rh nega-
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