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Even crews and passengers of infected vessels with yellow fever aboard, or vessels in which deaths from yellow fever have taken place, order should be allowed to come ashore to the lazaretto, the sick sent to the hospital, the well after a reasonable detention allowed to leave, the cargo lightered up to the city, the vessel disinfected, allowed to come np the river and load for her port of destination. Towards the end of the month the difiiculty of swallowing was so for great, that if more than three teaspoonfuls were taken directly one after the other, the fourth would bring on cough, and the greater portion would be returned by nose and mouth, mixed with mucus, as if the fourth spoonful filled up the tube to the aperture of the glottis, and thus excited cough.


The essential requisite for an efficient breast-pump is a large bell-shaped extremity, so that the nipple is not at all constricted by the narrow diameter which The pump which meets the indications to my notice, is what is called Mattson's breast-pamp, and it is a most safely excellent With regard to treatment of the sore nipples, the following are the rules which chiefly govern me in the management of these cases: If the nipple is inflamed, apply a poultice until the inflammation is subdued, and then apply a solution of nitrate of lead in glycerine, ten grains to the ounce.