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Lustgarten's bacillus of syphilis has always occupied

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The von Pirquet tuberculin reaction was found negative. At times the

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may exist independently of sexual causes is quite proved by the fact

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mischief. In the case under my own care, a very deep ulcer of

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conditions in Nineveh in the fourth century B. C. were

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and take the form of visceral disease. The serous membranes are espe-

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sitting or standing askew should be intelligently corrected.

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and pulse also broke sharply as may be seen by the slow recovery after the experiment

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of gas injected (approximate), 114 c.c. and 80 c.c.

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270. Cryptococcus gilchristi. (After Gilchrist) - - - - 603

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After covering the rest of the head and the entire box with lead sheeting, the

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of yet greater scope than the " epidemy,'' for the word " pandemy "

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fact should be made plain to those who must grapple

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superior and inferior fragments of the tibia were much notchea, and between

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vigorous treatment that the patient was freed from his

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clinical picture. Chlorosis is a disease occurring during the period of develop-

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moved freely on phonation, but did not quite close over to

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poliomyelitis by the development of paralysis or changes in the spinal

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commands, they have established an Express Department, by

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first a direct anaesthetic diminishing cerebral, cardiac and

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Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, September, 1895. The

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takes place, we may note that, as far as we know, the tissues

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long relegated to the past as to be emphatically a back number, while

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obscure the diagnosis for several days or a week, and then finally drop

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crime at once because certain evidence is on the point of disappear-

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blood may be produced in two ways. It is most frequently the direct result of

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Na^^eli reaches his high fipjures by including in the inactive latent forms

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distance of nine inches from the book. The principal focal

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she liked, but, as any real, substantial, permanent benefit was

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pain and signs of general uneasiness in the abdomen without the

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the sporulating round-ended bacillus in abundance. From the