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ly, in the neighborhood of blood vessels and apparently free in
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physician, and contains several points of interest in connection with
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Coleman; George S. Beaty, Dallas; G. G. Bell, Tyler; 0. T.
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In Dallas, up to the date of his removal to Clarendon, Dr. Stout
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the pictorial representation of physical examinations, various
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at the same time. If the propositions of Dalton and Thomson are
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Parts of two ribs were black and necrotic, and a hole passed be-
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E. G. Waters, M. D., of Milam, Mo., reports the foUo\^'ing case :
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on physiology every few years. Were this not the case, we should of neces-
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appendicitis or whether the appendix is gangrenous or perforated,
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stated age (57), gait rather unsteady, but no indication of paralyses of
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organs in the duodenum, but by ^^secretin," a product of digestion,
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semination of "Surra" by means of the Biting Fly (The Stom-
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ances or an intoxication, but rather to a simple cerebral dynamism
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Doxald R. Hooker and D. I. Macht. Concerning the action of the
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Our esteemed fellow citizen, Judge A. W. Terrell, ex-minister to
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Prussian. He was born near Breslau in 1842, and was in his sixty-
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In October, 1912, Mr. James Buchanan Brady of New York offered
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Keating reports on the source of infection at Covington, Tenn.,
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v.vA dirty, mouth clammy, breath fetid and constipation habitual.
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cable, did operative surgery go through its first and
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tumor and the absence of fever in the first hours of the attack.