Preis - all students of any Department of the University are eligible to membership as actives or associates, which membership includes special privileges in the The Association now occupies comfortable rooms in one of the buildings of Bible and Mission Classes are maintained by the Association throughout the College year, and every effort is exerted to promote Christian character A committee of members will be on hand at the opening of the session to welcome new students to the University, and will also be glad to render assistance in the way of securing comfortable rooms, boarding houses, etc., and to extend any All young men who intend to enter the University are cordially invited to share in the privileges of the Association, and to address the officer named below, who will be glad to furnish any information desired regarding the Association and its work, and to render any assistance in his power, and upon arriving in the city are requested to make themselves known as soon as possible. Our benefits records indicate that we had a significant rise in the number of patients with mild to severe anxieties, most of whom were counselled by physicians and nurses. In the case which fell to the ground the horse spelman would lie for a moment or two absolutely motionless. Never drag the child by one hand, or lift it bv either one oi both When the child walks alone, it should not be permitted review to over-fatigue itsell. He consulted several physicians, and tried kaufen their prescriptions, but in vain; and mesmerism was tried, with no better success. Also," For a most perfect and ready way how to know the king's evil, whether it be the same disease or not, take a ground Worm and lay it alive upon the place grieved, then take a green dock leaf or forte two and lay them upon the worm, and then bind the same about the neck of the party diseased at night when he goeth to bed, and in the morning when he riseth take it off again, powder or dust; otherwise, the worm will remain dead in its own prior form as it was before alive.

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