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vent subsequent attacks. The diet ought to be carefully regulated
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of view, the former are compensatory, or conservative.
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n, which fits the upper part of the head like a hat, of which
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28th. — 7.30 a.m. : Feels better ; temperature 101° ; pulse
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saignac has endeavoured to supply, and we find in his pages
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of pneumonia considered. As will be seen, the epidemic, at which
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sitting. On the following day eight or ten more may be treated,
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fibroid should then be removed entire, or by " morcellement." After-
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sequence. If we are not in an error in our observations of this
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Special attention should be paid to the treatment of sleep-
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Even those who know the unwearied energy with which Dr.
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Its clinical history and danger. It is an exceedingly grave affection, prov-
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an arrangement which greatly facilitates reference.
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of the blood. Against the processes employed by Provost and Dumas,
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COALTAR SAPONINE E. Fougcra & Co., New York Cover 2
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derRindenexiisionen bei idiopathischen Epilepsien. IJerl.
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the Society; but as he was not present, he had taken no part in that discussion. He
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cervix, the vaginal vault, the rectovaginal septum,
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Use of Antibiotics in Acute Bronchitis and Acute Exacerbations of
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fever, that intelligent and worthy gentleman frank-
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carbons in the food. Sugar-formers, the most important of
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latter was particularly acceptable to many children. Except
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Dr. Passauer, at my request, subjected the patient to a series of
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the heart, and disturbs the function of the vital organs of the body.
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during this period, there was also an unusual increase
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only within comparatively recent years, and was first described clinically
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nancy, and the cause of the retained menses is gen-
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some, with an abundance of fruit and fresh vegetables. Cod-liver oil is usually
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from the injection of iodoform introduced through an
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e.g., up to 1074, as in Bouchardat's and Front's cases; occasionally
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besides once on the following page, in the heading, as
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the various forms or stages of emphysema. In all cases there
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tained in combat and related thereto, or sustained while going to
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and inflammation of the intestinal mucous membrane.
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tian Science usually seem to outweigh its allurements.
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and at the appropriate reference committee that the six
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had been observed. Mr. De. Morgan's impression was that the downward
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form of peptonate, into the blood, in case the conditions for this