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Wis.). The glandular swelling had first appeared in the left cer-
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the right side of the chest. The signs were those of consolidation
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or by static deformities like flatfoot. If this hypothesis is correct, sciatica,
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Bergen, the ' sterilized ' catgut in use at this hospital was examined at
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Muscle tonus : According to Guillain and Barre', Roussy and Lhermitte,
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Provinces than elsewhere. Unlike the relapsing fever of Europe, North
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possibly as a result of irritation by the disease of the epiphyseal cartilages ;
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globin (Brugsch) except for a very small part which is carried into
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diagnosis of chronic intestinal nephritis in the bulk of these patients,
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cellular connective tissue, infiltrated with numbers of small mononuclear
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be too late. But even in the incubation stage it may be of use by attenuating
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the heart and lungs are impaired, and pneumonia may be the terminal com-
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some cases when the common duct is obstructed the bile is dark and tarry