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amidobenzaldehyde test to decide between certain fevers. The

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It might be affirmed that in an exhaustive fever this system was an

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to understand the real significance of the sign. Here

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texture becomes firmer and the colour rather paler. In

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Up to that time the final results of the operation in

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some other form of tetanizing current must therefore be

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enced physicians disagree as to whether the disease is or

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troubles as these are of vast importance in medicine.

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loss of function excessive. Early operation that is

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declining from to S in the four preceding weeks. These d deaths were

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rheumatism. Dropping of head and neck might suggest paresis

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Michigan Agricultural College who was present suggested that

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we may say that the prejudice in favour of physicalism is partly

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roused by handling or prodding. There is almost immediate re

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natal deaths very low birth weight infants represented three

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Eadiographs after a barium enema showed a ribbon like barium column

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especially public buildings such as schools hospitals

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Veterinary Medical Association was laid in that city in. It

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Tuberculous iTicnin lt itis likewise in the general course of its progress

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From the foregoing facts it was reasonable to believe that

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straight tubes of the pyramids there are certain vasa recta which have a

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very powerful agent is at work one capable of subverting the cohe

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of the eruptions were nearly an inch in diameter some of

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when she was three years old. She weighed jn health about

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and which is delineated in the accompanying plate. From its

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are the conclusions of Dr. E. Demange to an interesting

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administered every four hours with most satisfactory results. V. In the

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leucocyte will be seen under the microscope to have three or fbar