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rival, and she replied : "He went out and cut some oats

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weight were greatly increased. Especially was there an increase of the functional activity of the nervous

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fected in one of the atypical cases. The character-

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sufficient to relieve pain or discomfort at the site of

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26. Conservatism in Operations on the Uterine Appendages.

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amination by a duly qualified physician for the pur-

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decided upon, the further questions are as follows:

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transmitted to Mrs. Ransom; that a copy be posted in the

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years ago, with good results in that class of cases.

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reconcilability of doctorial dicta, in each and all of

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Petrows states the toxic dose of cocaine was two to

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Treupel. Deutsche medizinische Wochenschrift, 1910,

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An old and honorable way to deplete the engorged vessels is

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read these earlier contributions in a modern light ;

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CoHN, I. F., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Detached from

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have been wished for. The typical reaction of pain,

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Crabtree, George H., Captain, Medical Corps. Reports

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let fever, 47 cases, i death; chickenpox, 13 cases, o deaths;

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fear. I think that God will take away from me the bless-

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