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Nowell, Boston ; Conrad Wesselhoeft, Boston. The scientific session con-

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of fifteen and forty, but cases are on record where the disease

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should be preserved when possible, both for the mental and the

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of strepto- or pneumo-coccic grip infection. Davis, during the

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from disease, even though of considerable size, should remain undis-

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ter off than the so-called poor and ignorant, there is a great lack

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perience. Indeed one of the most useful things about such clinical teaching

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causes we shall have at our command the most effective means of

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Council after the said election shall have taken place.

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eration has been recorded in the histories of cases tabulated.

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be the concrete purposes and aims of the institution? At the

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members will exert themselves to their utmost to prove deserv-

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in each case being taken from the schedules of the Examiners.

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moderate sum for his services." I do not know that in Ontario the percentage will be as

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that she is rapidly approaching the masculine type. Coupled with

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"This slight homoeopathic aggravation during the first

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The greater number of the patients considered under the same

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It is not a matter of weeks, but it is months and sometimes years that the

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ings. A gradual crescendo and diminuendo effect is noted by the

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looking at it from a legal standpoint, inasmuch as the chloroform or other ana3sthetic has

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ably due to fallen arches, and dyspnoea on exertion. He could not

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respond to other forms of current, exciting alternately with the

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profession. Our friend, Dr. Griffin, deprecates his being removed from the Council

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from my reading on the subject, and from personal experience, I

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control of venereal diseases, or even of syphilis, though we were

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that there is something back of the lesion itself, some circula-

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the shortness of breath of cardiac sclerosis should receive close

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in the spring of 191 1, during a grippal epidemic, in one case seen

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