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veloped after exposure and had been in progress for several
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during the week ending March 23, there were lOtK! deaths, a
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extremely sensitive; a trifling secondary infection superposed
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with pain on one or the other side, often at the level of
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673.630. Pad for medicinal use. Frederick W. Warner, Roches-
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AntiviTlsectloniBts Keet. — ^The annua] meeting of the Na-
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and Michigan, spreading east to Muskoka Lakes and about
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cent., and CuUingworth 21 out of 22 cases as puerperal.
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Shelton, Connecticut; John Palmer, Jr., Delaware; Wm. N.
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by March 28 it was entirely healed. He continued the iodid
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Mr. G. W. Wright published notes of a case of chronic
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afternoon rise of temperature of .6 degree or more. His experi-
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The' calculus is ovoid in shape, with tapering ends. The
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of her admission. The crisis occurred the fourth day she was
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tion be controlled, but in other cases we are frequently
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hospitals, including 35 special hospitals for consump-
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leaning too much upon the evidence of the microscope,
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points for diagnosis, and if it did, its treatment would
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pneumonia, aged 36. He was a member of the AuEatCAir Medi-
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degree, is regulated, and all we need to do is to extend
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l.."That when the. mother's vitality has been seri-
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necessary. It is not my purpose, however, to discuss
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Resolved, That the chairman of this conference send to each
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in a child, that the condition will be outgrown. This leads
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patient on whom he operated survived for some months and
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length of four centimeters, he could pass his finger nearly 10