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face is pallid and the head may be cool. Free vomiting, although the

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10. What are the differences in reimbursement levels between participating and non-participating physicians?

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Very good descriptions of the histology of the corpora quadrigemina

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The symptoms of speedy-cut are — inflammation and swelling

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Medical Society of the Missouri Valley. — SECRETARY'S OFFICE,

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broken out on the high seas between Europe and America,

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(agraphia). The loss of the memory of words does not necessarily carry

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Cass 180.— Operator, Dnndore, 1894. Dorsal region ; duration,

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1891, 2. s., xi, 253-257.— Scitz (G.) Die Chloraethyl-Nar-

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undergo with comfort. It is to be borne in mind, however,

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the emetic, Dr. Cheyne recommends two, three, or four grains of

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the wells, as well as that on which the village is erected, is clay-slate,

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live in Chicago and treated the disease in this city, and in the

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ease due to toxins, or is the toxemia in leukemia pro-

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These are perhaps extreme cases, but they are types of the empiric

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Dr. Blciman presented a case for diagnosis: a woman

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give rise to them. Thus, nephrolytic serum attacks the kidney, and spares

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an extensive erysipelatous inflammation of the scalp

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The normal serum of a control rabbit gave no agglutination at

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pulse, and usually by changes in the blood. There are a

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ally good as regards recovery, a great many recover-

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are crescentic during the intervals of apyrexia. The febrile type is

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probability is that the bath is doing harm ; for its administration

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stipubition." In it occurs this passage: " I will follow

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has already been alluded to; but aneurysm of the cerebral arteries,