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to the concentrated rays of a burnmg Afi'ican sun, from its rising

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when the managers of summer resorts, the health authorities

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appears, though it may be felt when the patient sits up. The movements

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alternate extraordinary contraction and expansion of them, the

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is allowed to empty itself several times. 6. The poste-

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shown; and we also say that, even if this had been proved, there

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incident to an abnormal accumulation of fat, to the waxy or lardaceous

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could be measured ; and so soon as a uniform rate of flow had been established,

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rator should know where the rent is, and in what di-

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patient may retain his flesh and healthy complexion, or else he may lose

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Thrs exudation rarely occurs in adults; it is a very common ap-

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the uric-acid diathesis was hard to define. It was generally a

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Mr. Speaker, the Reference Committee recommends these

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H. Mooi'e, of Indianapolis ; " Therapeutic Measures in Rhinology," by

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down broad and deep by the physicians who were their

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pointing. In my own experience, an improvement was often seen

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might profitably be engrafted upon the other work of

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part, I feel sure of the following statements : One

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P. A. Surgeon R. M. Kennedy, ordered home from the Bennington,

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bo familiar to all who profess to have given any at-

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again likely to come to light. The chief feature of the plan

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take away the sense of fatigue, relieve hunger and thirst that it is no

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slowly I introduced a soft rubber catheter through the canula,

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After a few days, probably, the inflammation subsides, but more or less

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i he had probably stirred up the contents after he had lowered the candle.

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The double lifting of the flank in expiration : — the act appear-

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toms for four years, and having been subsequently the

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bananas (not plantains, though people often call bananas plantains,

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used antitoxin, not with the expectation of saving the eye, but for pre-

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body with a gemmule composed of protoplasm ; Figs. 39 and 42, Ovoid and round

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be intuitively led to the conclusion that he has to do with an

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upon every page of modern pathological discussion; but they have

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contraction is only delayed. For example, the ventricle

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