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transported to the City Hospital, where he arrived safely, and without

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followed in most of his cases by movements of the limbs on the corre.

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artery) or into the optic thalamus (region of the lenticulo -optic artery). In such a

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perforating shell wound of the left thigh 4 cm. above the

dosage of imodium plus

also fenugreek, alum, of each, p. i. of beef suet, p. ii. s.

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color of hair red and sandy ; eyes blue ; complexion in health florid ; native of Germany ;

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this is dispensed in three-ounce bottles. The second

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the patient tolerance of the bladder, and its willingness to get well, some-

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infection is left in the abdomen which may give rise to

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the lower part of the thigh, the disease develops more

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of sulphuric or other acid, terpinole is formed, and may be sepa-

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Under a strict antidiabetic diet and other treatment (bro-

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olive oil enough to make it soft ; daily for 7, 10, or 14 days. —

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removal of crusts or for counter irritant effect, hastens or

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Ed's MED - P.O.Box 6324 Charleston, WV 25362 - (304) 342-4867 - (800) 345-4660

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seventh rib, and from the posterior border of the axilla to

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Two items in the report have been referred to earlier. In

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logical science — at all events, up to a recent period — any other opinion

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years. Dr. Wm. Egbert Robertson has related to me the case of a man aged

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and butter; supper, at 8 o'clock, of ^ pint of boiled milk and l)read.

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wide-spread use of telemedicine by adapting personal

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consists of one surgeon-general with the rank of brigadier

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In the majority of cases the fever paroxysms are of long duration,

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two cases where the uterus was mentioned, leading to the inference that there

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the ^ stage of hyperaemia and incipient exudation.'' The kidney is

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resemble, on section, a soft sarcoma. They are of a dirty-

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cease and the patient is dead. In some cases the respiration assumes the

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the suspected substance was taken. We may thus often easily distinguish

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contained in one or more of the excretions of the patient, depending

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patients, who had previously been in the habit of paying for

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anticipated. Let me, then, ask when shall the use of these instruments