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an interval of two weeks from the date of the apparent cure, the symptoms

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but instead of taking it according to the instructions, she took not less than

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skin diseases until several years old. Soon after the patient's

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thought that slightly warmer clothing would protect it effectually against

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tion ; 7 days after, wound healed ; 10 days after, analgesia gone ;

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and at the same time amr plates were made. The agar streaks

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to revacci nation. 14. Persons immune to smallpox can often

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to inoculate at least two animals from each human case; one

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which it is based are within his own knowledge. 2. If the

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where in close proximity to the instrument. The pupil's stand

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lobes were excised, 2 bred normally, 2 had small litters, and

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attacks of epilepsy ; the stramonium having been stopped when I resigned

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140 A Case of Severe Mastoid Neuralgia. John Du;in.

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appendix. The cecum and lower portion of the ascending

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destroys life in from sixty to one hundred hours. Consequently the salu-

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experienced thirteen attacks of the disease, eight of which had occurred to

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The mucous membrane was of a light rosy tint throughout the greater part

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determined on refreshing the edges of the wound, and uniting ihem by

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In conclusion I will simply observe, that from the absurdity of considering

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the uterus to the vaginal wall. Kustner and DUhrssen went a

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whi(m I have called, for want of a better name, old

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and stimulating enemata were given without effect. She was cured by the

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From Messrs. Haswell, Barrington ^ Haswell, the Publishers. — The

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ovum on the bursting of a graafian vesicle under the compressor, is com-

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the pressure of a tumour of large size and anomalous structure, which com-

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reputation of Esquirol has extended every where. His whole life has,

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District of Columbia : Washington, March 23-30, 8 cases.

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communicate the results at your leisure. In the interim, I will procure a

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unquestionably performed. I have seen the operation performed with suc-

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diminished one half. An enema was given, containing f3ss of Tr. opii.

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uterine contractions, and danger to the life of mother

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