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Those relating to the administration of the sulphate of quinine are, —
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water had been dashed on the face, the cheeks had been struck with a hand-
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instruments for intubating the larynx, he has been unable to
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marriages and for simulation of hysteria. He also spoke of
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the pressure at inter\'als of from two to five days.
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plegia and nerve-root pains. In two of the cases reported, with
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great swelling and redness of the epiglottis., with difficult
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emaciated at his entrance. The sulphate of quinine was prescribed for him,
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is taken in the case of three, six, ten, or fifteen patients, in whom tumours
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nelette. The coroner remarked that flannelette is a most dan-
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68 Surgical Clinic. (Osteomyelitis, Lymphoma, Etc.) X. Senn.
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all parts of the country, and light from the farthest east flying to the
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be repeated every ten or fifteen minutes, in two ounces of water. A large
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disorders: 1. Constipation due to excessive acidity of
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late; through it we learned how to gain access to the sick
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American Cllmatologlcal Association, NIsgara Falls, N. T., May
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34,274. Design, water-bag. Christian W. Melnecke, Jersey City,