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foretells the advent of epileptiform seizures, which may prove fatal within
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eighths of the whole. It was maintained by Parrot that, in the case of
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chloroform, taken four times a day, form a suitable dose. Paracentesis
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tv.ocows: and be fides, inthislaft, the furrows may
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Six hours a day for a week will be devoted to these subjects.
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and excretory systems are continuous throughout the entire length of the
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IVoundi, made with a fharp inftrument, the treatment of, un-
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offer any clue as to the causation. The test with stock house dust extract
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wrought the'original mischief cannot enter from the blood ; consequently,
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forbidden, and proteid material must be given in other forms. The
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be found helpful. Of these, diluted brandy or whisky is the most service-
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of the fore legs, being applicable to the fame parts
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polis, Ardebil, and Derbent, are admirably fine, and
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Anti-streptococcic serum has for many years past been used in the
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• Thefe valuable InOruftions were (o carefully mijjaij,
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Laryngismus. — Eeference has already been made to eclampsic attacks
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the average duration of the disease is about one year ; some cases may
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speech. The patient resembles a general paralytic, and yet the illness may
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whose walls, whilst exhibiting no striking pathological changes, are yet
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forming an exostosis. On the other hand, suppuration may take place,
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throughout the gland, known as "the islands of Langerhans."
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(Rigg's disease of the gums). Tonsils are usually classified pathologically
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pared, let fome oats be ground, and a pafte made )f
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champagne picks up the patient more rapidly and efficiently. The
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caseation helps to distinguish it from tubercle. "While the gumma does
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always secondary, and almost invariably is part of a general disease. The
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recent, and is due principally to our army medical officers in India and to
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ducts, is more nauseous and less easily tolerated by the stomach than the
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daily action has been thus established, the use of the drug must be
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ufual autumnal epidemic dileafes might be prevented
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abdominal walls may be succeeded by relaxation, accompanied by great
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the difficulty. Thus may arise habitual constipation in servants, school-
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them to their flcfh and good appearance ; and alfo,
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between the various peritoneal surfaces, which in turn are frequently
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