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we know how little value, even at the present time, is

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It resembles the typhoid bacillus in its general properties. The par-

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be considered as acute, in the sense that a cell will not Jive long in a damaged

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if a meat obstruction, papoid if of a starchy nature, and possibly

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lacerations, extreme cold or heat, great pressure, and

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As a rule, supernumerary auricles are pre-a,uricular,

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importance of the subject by the time given to the study, and

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throughout the white substance of the brain, the crura cerebri, and

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urinal, or other utensil, has at least a chance of being b^

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Accepting Koch's theory as true an intensely interesting problem

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marks upon this subject in this Society's Transaclions.

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1872, 292-308.— Kovalevski (P. I.) E: uc'heniyu toksi-

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The growth gradually enlarged until upon the slightest exercise he

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obtained it trom the records of the Brooklyn Dispensary,

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hnrd lumps known as "seeds." Tliere may be delirium, leadiug even to

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difficult it sometimes is to make the diagnosis of Colles' Fracture.

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fly is black. The wings are large, and set almost at

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second abnormal bundle, J, takes origin from the greatly enlarged nuclei funiculi teretes (iV/1!).

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it Cambridge in 1852, and from the ^Medical Department of the Uni-

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tion. Rubidium and potassium have also been found to be radio-