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of the kidney alone appeared to be affected, and these recovered with anti-
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The fall in the alkaline reserve produced is ascribed to the decreased excre-
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Miiller, Tissier, Gerhardt, Beck, and Braunstein. After the intro-
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urobilin either by absorption or destruction was obtained when the
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Chief Complaints. Frequent cough with very copious sputum. Dj'spnea
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concerned. These experiments show that horse serum and ether
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recorded for the State of Selangor was only six, whereas from 1909 to 1919,
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impossibility of diagnosis, and the failure of treatment of any kind. Various
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rapid rise. With a small dose the venous pressure remained the
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5.5 per cent, of the entire number showed an actual change of suffi-
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work, and only 5 were fit for work 2 years after discharge. The results
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debilitated condition, produced by the original inflammatory
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that the distinctions of age, talent, and experience, are not only
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Treatment and Result. Benzol and Rontgen treatment were begun at
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operative procedure in the two diseases is different. In adenoma with
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April 14. Hydrazine sulphate, 0.1 gram, given subcutaneouslj'.
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pecuniary circumstances of the physician himself, as out of
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E Amidst these larger cells of the tumour, we observe more
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arterial division is very constant in level, but the nerve in 13-5 per cent, of
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intestine of these animals may be excreted in other forms than
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Lampe and Saupe have recently drawn attention (vide Medical Science,
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peritoneal glands. The skull was honeycombed by a number of tumours
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Bloch, M. Coagulation of the blood. Lancet, 1920, ii, 301.
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Lannegrace. Difference dans les fonctions exercees sur la vessie par les nerfs
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form ; (6) ponto-cerebellar form ; (7) bulbo-pontine form ; (8) acute ataxic
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lipoids of the tissues, especially in those which are soluble in alcohol and
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of the two sides. The rales were of a coarse, moist type; the
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mechanism release only brain-stem centres, spinal centres being still
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than supposed, and in the absence of physical and a^-ray signs of
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the xiphoid region not conducted beyond the apex nor to the back. This
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in greater or lesser degree this entirely to be expected facial alter-
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It is stable and can be sterilized without deterioration or change. It
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until 8.35, a period of two hours and thirty five minutes, when the heart
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ful draughts of warm water, which he took readily, and in the
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abdominal operations, 31 per cent, occurred after supravaginal hysterectomy,
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The anatomical changes in guinea-pigs dying acutely in anaphyl-
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tions of Nichols, Simmons, and Stiinmel as to the value of the surgical
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