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and varied each day from normal to 101° F. The heart was dilated, but
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patient nervous. In cases of endocarditis with failing compensation, digi-
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death, owing to the fact that the heart is no longer able to cope with the pul-
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touching the matter, in which it was declared to be quite, if
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of house and hospital infection were observed. These led some of the French
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disinfected. The convalescent with bacilli in his urine may be an especial
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coagulated serum, and their endothelium shows evidence of proliferation.
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ration; Dentition; Temperatuie, etc., etc. Bound in
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with crystals were found in some of them. The pathology of
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pelvis to the meatus urinarius. We may be able to recognize
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the same methods as the pneumococcus and also shows capsule formation.
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simulate this affection are pneumonia, the cerebral forms of typhoid fever,
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said that the cause of extra-renal albuminuria is the admix-
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coccus in the respiratory passages chiefly the throat, of 62 out of 135 indi-
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sometimes to the point of salivation, or in enormous single doses, ranging
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is often of a violent t}^e. The patient may be quiet or talk and gesticulate
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for other conditions, such as malarial fever, mountain fever, etc., while
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insurance companies should take risks on such men only on
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containing 0.03 gm. (gr. J) of calomel and 0.36 gm. (gr. vj) of calomel in all.
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localities and its association with defective drainage, all fixed men's minds
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tations. Cole finds that the lesions produced by the "Micrococcus rheu-
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tism in order to present with clearness a picture of its far-reaching effects.
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ination of a smear. If a culture is examined after it has been in the incubator
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has caused outbreaks of the disease. It is necessary to be absolutely sure
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(/) Digestive Tract. — The general absence of gastro-intestinal disturb-
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respiratory tract have been met with, such as coryza, bronchitis, congestion
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corpuscles, we are then justified in deciding that the source
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Homans, John M., M.D., On the Relation of Surgical Mutila-
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bladder they have also been found without any history of an attack of
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Leyden, von Ziemssen, Bauer and Leichtenstern, who have described spo-
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the women. While some companies will take them equally
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the outlines of the ribs are furrowed upon the periphery of the lung, fremitus
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influence may be thought probable but is not proved. On general groimds
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milligrammes (^^ grain) to pass in twenty-four hours, we may
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but in which influenza bacilli were mixed with other organisms in the menin-
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form of albuminuria in which there is no renal disease what-
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pericarditis is a painful complication of pericarditis. Should it occur alone
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to infection in the abdomen, such as mesenteric abscess or pylephlebitis.
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bore through the border of the corpuscle. The parasite was sometimes
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in which case as the result of imperfect consolidation in the early stages,