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"■• Dr. Franz Konig : Medical and Surgical Reporter, June 25, 1892.

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considerable sclerosis of the left cerebral hemisphere.

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physicians, it is the four Natural Properties rather than

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the proprietors of the Lancet. The infirmaries are some

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portion 1 or 2 drops of phenolphthalein are added, when it is titrated

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certainly were not its sole cause, but the violent mental emotion

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microscope is at hand, it is advisable to examine the unstained blood

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the result of the operations, and al>o ;i number of the*surgica] appliances

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To repeat, Lorenz " has done hundreds of operations with this osteo-

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de I'erysipele de la face dans les memos saisons. Loire

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wound over the patella soon healed. But | greasing favourably now ; but the opening

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for this fruitful activity much is due, not only to the

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cusses ** The Therapeutics of Sydenham." That great

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Numerous experiments have been made in the laboratory of experimental

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subjected the dried root to the test of chemical analysis, and

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THOMAS BARNES, M.D. Edin., M.R.C.S., F.R.S.E., etc..

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Prof. Dalton also made an examination and counted in a muscle T '^ inch

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designed, it meets most of the requirements of general

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has undergone almost complete absorption. This relation is not

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The Lancet comments as follows on alleged cases of poisoning with

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septic purulent collections into the cavity. Occasionally septic perito-

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to light. On account of the position of the eyes, an

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one condition, and that is, that we shall do what we did before

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We have observed this disposition, but in a less degree, near a bron-

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Sterilization. — By sterilization of milk is meant the process of ren-

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wounds. It would also form a useful addition to the medical cabinet of travellers,

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arthritis, with involvement of the joints of the spine. In all these forms as the

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its effects ; and 4th, The menstruum or vehiculum, which forms the

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is exerted upon the nervous system. It is necessary to

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ab'>ut a year and a half following the operation that the

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air can be secured, it is often enough to obtain re-

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