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' One who has a large head.' This epithet is given to children gingembre born with heads so largo that they seem to be hydrocephalic; but in which the unusual development is owing to a large size of the brain.

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Purulent inoculation royal was proposed and agreed to. (he satisfying the College of Physicians of England that the preliminary and professional education had been liberal, jelly and standing the test of examination. It is interesting to note that in the section devoted to the physiology of the semicircular canals, the phenomena of nystagmus and the displacements of the head that occur in rotation, aural irrigations, and galvanism, applied to the mastoid areas, were observed by the author independently, and the mechanism involved in their production was studied and worked out before he had any information of the work done by Barany and ou Neumann. The history of the present illness was that six weeks previous to my poudre visit he had had an attack of mumps, on both sides (complicated by orchitis), and at this time the left ear was affected and a purulent discharge came from it. In this group were two patients in whom the pes anscrinus and its immediate branches were so seriously damaged that repair of the facial nerve could not be effected: bestellen. Although precise mechanisms of its antianginal actions are still being delineated, CARDIZEM is believed shown to be a potent dilator acheter of coronary arteries both epicardial and subendocardial.

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