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thymus is but one, though the most obvious, of the signs of what he calls
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In about one -third of the cases the csecum and colon are afiected. The caecum
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day, and it is almost certain that typhus is caused by a micro-organism,
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cessary to modify, for one cannot with impunity withdraw tbe patient
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generally lined with another false membrane, which is soft and yellowish
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streams, or pollution of a general system of water supply. Instances of
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occur from embolism, the method need not be further discussed.
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maintain, also, that ridicule and affected contempt are out of place, and
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liable to become poisonous ; mackerel and herrings are especially prone
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Fossil Remains. — A gentleman has shown us what is supposed to be
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that they are unduly worried by domestic cares, and are apt to be irritable
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6. Enlarged and Persistent Thymus. — This is met with in the adult in
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Bone. — Tuberculosis is the most common disease of bone, attacking by prefer-
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tion, the general tone of the system is to be observed ; and in low atonie