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cases; seventh to twelfth da}', 147 cases; thirteenth to eighteenth

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1 A curious iucidcut liappened in counccHon with the foniiiitiou of thu

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Gastrointestinal: Anorexia; gastric irritation, nausea, vomiting, cramping, diarrhea, consti-

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raising the sputum, stimulants and expectorants may be used. OxA7)hor

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as an evidence that his labors have proved acceptable, hns in a great measure heightened his

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be bandaged to the outside bar, and the deformity gradually

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size of an egg with an ulcerated centre. Its removal was

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tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock. The next order of business is the

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Gilliam, in your issue of December 7th, is undoubtedly of more

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to judge of the merits of Dr. Ziegler 's ingenious procedure.

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Case 744: S. M. C., age 21, native of Virginia; entered Charity Hospital, February 19th,

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of a functional yet serious nature. I strongly disprove of

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may be demonstrated in the sputa. Such sputum commonly presents

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its height in four days, and then declines. Occasionally,

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Dockery. M. F., Sagola. Jones, Herman Ewart, Roanoke.

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anywhere around them, so that in these cases it was clearly

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the theory of dualism finds its most lively expression.

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record that in no instance has the crime been repeated by homicides

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accounts : it is difficult to ascertain the quantity of

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immediate needs of a swooning lady. And except for the

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corneum. The rete was thicker than usual, with deep inter-

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necessity for controling the spread of infectious diseases.

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scess or gangrene, are identical with those of a tubercular cavitj. For

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Percentage of Women Over 20 Receiving Cervical Cytology, 1960

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are as follows : The prostate is small, with a central

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distilled water, might not lead to removal of the cataractous condition ia

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in the Bible (Genesis XVII, 9-14). But Jahn * keenly remarks

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tlie best medium being Sabouraud's maltose agar. The optimum

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mouth, and as it passes down the oesophagus the patient is

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be a good-natured man, or he never could have written