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from travelling. To oljtain its full advantages^ it is sometimes nee
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a galvanic battery, capable of powerful chemical action, will give only
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and unable to supply that stimulus to the capillaries which is essential
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Perfect happiness for student and teacher will come Examina-
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chona alkaloids. These precipitates, moreover, are redi&solved by a
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two, three, or four times in twenty-four hours. As the me<licine, in
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from the bowels, and in the fact that this occurrence takes place as well
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of feeble action, and as a refrigerant alone, in such as require no sup-
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is very filling and nourishing to an exhausted patient, but
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dnrtion into medicine dates only from the early pan of the prvs^nt
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of proparattons, see the (7. S. Ddipenmtory (12th ed., p. 1361).
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The Tincture of Hops (Tinctura Humum, U. 8., Tinotura Lupuu,
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changed as a result of cold exposure, then the change could directly
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posure (Girone, 1962), It seemed of import, therefore, to shed
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beasts ! People in the habit of taking purgative medicines,
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When the two alkaloids were administered conjointly, the result was precisely
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spirit, which may then bo applied by means of flannels wet with it, or
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the severe shock which it produces on the nervous system.
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are specifically immunized did well grouped or caged individually.
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tlie bath may add to its efficiency. The bathing at hot springs has
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mankind. Fiction to the right ! reality to the left !
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9;ree of impression, from a slight tingling to the most violent )>ain ; the
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promise that he will not be frost-bitten or burned alive, the
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Kme, contained in calcined bones, by means of dilute sulph uric acid, and
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never allow that patient again to go into the open air without
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▼easels, receives an increment of heat from without which it carries
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•cribed. ExtemaUy it is used in the form of an ointment, made by rub-
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So far as concerns the modifying influence of sex upon the effects of
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mended in the vomiting of pregnancy or hysteria, bilious vomiting, etc.)
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m used chiefly to promote resolution of scrofulous tumours, and other
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in relation to tea, that it is the prepared leaves of at least two shrubs,
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a medicine, has been shown to have had little foundation in fact. Never-