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(2) Some cases of empyema^ by perforating the visceral pleura, the

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Pathology. — The lesions are usually circumscribed, the part in-

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referred to under Nervous Dyspepsia. It has also been observed in

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marked cases of the disease. Early in the attack, when the incipient

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of my own cases aphonia manifested ahnost true intermittence for a period

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legs until he assumes a more or less upright position (Fig. 78). In

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variations in their growth (rapid in the encephaloid and slow in the scir-

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nerves ; and on this basis the two may be differentiated. The first

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Diagnosis. — It should be pointed out that a failure in swallowing

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next to the skin during both the warm and the cold seasons. The skin

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as well as the staphylococcus, the bacillus coli, the bacillus anthracis,

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cles normally acting in unison are e(iually stimulated (innervated) for

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liquor potassae. A bright-red color develops, and fades rapidly, but

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A. E. Wright has particularly insisted upon the value of calcium

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Reflex spasms not present at the outset. Violent convulsions present from the

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therapy, Diaphoretics, Revulsives, Purgatives, Heat and Cold, etc.,

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kind is indicated for a time. In some, the plaster jacket or a back brace

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maniacs. The disease of inebriety (alcoholic) is a condition in which, as