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O’Connell, Otto W. Koch, S. Tashma, Roland Steubner,
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matory rather than metastatic. On the greater curvature there is a longer
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taneous sensations, depends very mueh on the condition of the skin,
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ties: Barry, Barton, Christian. Dade, Dallas, Greene, Hickory,
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18. For Instance, I was told that diseased and condemned carcasses which were put In
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The J>ody is that of a well-nourished colored male, 157 cm. in length.
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Agriculture. Any person who shall forge, counterfeit, simulate, imitate, falsely represent,
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Eisele, Matthew B East St. Louis, 111. Ferguson, Luther J St. Joseph Gainey, Harold L Kansas City
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sected and an end to end anastomosis was made. There
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One stops to think with horror of the apprehensive agony of the
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This law provided, among other things, that the Secretary of
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diagnosis is the moral responsibility of every ethi-
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led him to institute the practical study of histology, to recognize
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tion, who assumes no responsibility for the opinions expressed
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into consideration the intangible costs to the work-
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The bacilli in tissue sections of bovine tuberculosis are shorter and less gran-
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If more than about 2 urams per kilofjram an hour are iii.ji'cted, "a larire
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1827 McGee St. Laboratory Apparatus— Chemicals Kansas City 8, Mo
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demics of human plague are infected rodents, the flea
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poisoned with the same insecticide or given five per
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ragwort, Senecio hurchelU. At least these weeds when fed to the
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11: 10 a.m. Obstetric and Gynecologic Aspects, Kenneth E. Cox, M.D.,
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by the administration of acids. This observation has led to a series of
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With the hope that you may be able to fix a time for this interview in the immediate
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plained of pain in the lower abdomen of two or three
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