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arsenic. One case that came under my notice was complicated by the
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The former condition (first described by Sander) is distinctly rare j it is
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from a party, where he had been talking and laughing with
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Zeit. f. Psych. Berlin, 1896, liii. pp. 203-240.— 10. Kiernan, J. G. "Quebracho in
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This disease first received its present name from Duhring in 1884r }
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When we speak of nervous tissue as composed of " neurons," we must
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cases, especially affecting the proximal groups of muscles ; the peripheral
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effected by rubbing them over with grease) at once reveals a mass of red
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being 50 women- to 42 men living. Men suffer from more acute and
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would certainly have been difficult, even in a country that
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suppurations may ensue, especially if the lesions occur on the scalp. In
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he began the study of neither medicine nor Greek till he was
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Pathology. — Melancholia has been regarded by some observers as
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the academician. His book, "Text Book of the Anatomy of
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lum is entering vein ; if it passes along course of vein by perivascu-
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the kitchen to the table, people were so quick to assign every
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the condition of this part before definitely pronouncing a deafness to be
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The first problem does not, as a rule, cause us much difficulty. In
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an ulcerating or gangrenous process. It is probable that in all these
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pustules, each one pierced by a hair in the centre. At first a few follicles
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occupations are particularly liable to dermatitis from handling substances
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a number of times. Blood collected in the above antico-
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on the simple features of a disease, independent alike of hypothesis that
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(2) Diseases. If the cages are kept clean and an ample diet
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with eyes protruding from their sockets, as they were wont
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growths on moist covered parts, such as the axillae, where the sweat
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dose be reduced. In children who have undergone treatment by the
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volatile metals, especially arsenic, antimony, lead, and mercury ; examples
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benzoin, an aromatic. Hence it is not a pure metallic ointment, and
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heaped up in thick, hard, scaly masses. (/3) Of the outer or extensor
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be withheld from him. He was not afraid to die ; not a bit
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without delusions may occur, so in the decline of life similar disorder!
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considerable change in electrical irritability. But it may be asked, " If
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of the brain is mental action; yet we learn most of brain action by