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in mind the remarkable amount of oedema which occurs where the con-

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consistent sleep schedule and routine. Do your most vigorous

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This fact is a deplorable one, for the reason that our citizens are thus

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would have been for Noah, during the deluge, to have put his

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Our efforts must, then, be directed to ren- > matters.

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Prognosis in external anthrax is dependent on certain con-

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et la patliologie de la glaudo dcs pieces ciliaii es. ) ' Compt.

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nystagmus are located in the brain stem, i.e., those of the third, fourth,

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in concentration. The brain is unaffected by the therapeutic

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Causes and Modes of Propagation. — It may be stated, as a

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posterior wall of the stomach (and it alone) was of a dirty leaden-

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ought to be, either some caustic medicine should be applied, or it must be opened

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wasted, the countenance was haggard, and the skin shrivelled. On the 25th

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ered with iodoform between the cut surfaces. This is the

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into the streams. It is for this reason that rivers, after passing through

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adduction and extension to turn it into the socket.

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" microcockeye " that my old English friend used to talk

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found in sections from Case 2. In Case 4 there was a definite, wide-

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vagina is to narrowness, both from its contractility

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1898, Ann Arbor, 1902, and also in laboratories in Russia, Berlin, and

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The anaemia is sometimes accompanied by a slightly jaundiced tint of

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was found markedly enlarged, full of white nodules which were also

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Sec. 8. Be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the

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practitioner of medicine such professor would be starved if

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ules, and he had no criticisms to make on that part of

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despite the fact that his reasoning faculties dispute the

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great temptation to go back home but my heart was in the

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cality in asthma. All who know anything of asthma are

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axillary line. The liver edge was easily palpable. There was

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ing-room an aquarium for the breeding of certain algse. Van den

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