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wonderful growth of the art which he practised and taught.
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Meagre as this notice of such a work almost necessarily is, we
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On account of his condition a thorough examination was
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Hotel del Coronado, San Diego. Sun-Fri. 41 hrs. $600. Contact: Dawne
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tor, speak on “Milestones in Tuberculosis Control.”
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alkaline carbonates from the use ot fruits or vegetables containing salts
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Sodium bicarbonate : 3 gm. per hour, dissolved in cold water, until
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that atony of the intestine which we are endeavouring to combat.
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is being obtained from the Victoria Order of Nurses. An extra
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sensitiveness to pain in the soles of the feet and elsewhere. There are no
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De supported in the midst of his sickness by good feeding.
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which is desirable in the disease with which it is connected; and
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