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vided, according as the aliments were warm, cold, moist, or
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hypothermic mice. This also presented a longer survival time;
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attending it ; in other cases where we may be desirous to use
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* Prof. Proeter Meertaioed, at my request, that this precipitate was not an oiy-
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I have employed the remedy much in functional and organic diseam
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ftwf \Mae. tb«^ are abMrbed a: all But. as seme of them are known
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due or particular fulness of the system. An increase of vi-
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mice challenged with bacterial agents but was beneficial to mice
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to the head, in that of swinging in like manner centrifugally from the ,
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practised, which is, to dip their clothes in salt water, and
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the world understands now-a-days by that term, not sensua-
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in most of us, and some will realize the bitterness
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the formula; one eq. of sulphuric acid 40, one of quinia 321, and eight
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a synthesis. It is the deepest regret of the writer
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for other distractions ' ; but you will be a better man
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I, Influence of hypothermia on antibody formation in mice in
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it was applied, viz. the bath ; (page 78) but when the ex-
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necessary to increase the dose in order to obtain the same relief as at
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pering, and the flattering, which we furnish to some capri-
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palsy is owing simply to debility in the centres, or the habit of inertia,
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gical operations. But no practical advantage was taken of this sugges-
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the most simple is to make a space around the patient in bed, by ele-
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ing thereon. Moreover, the population will have increased and adjusted it-
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Table XIII. Effect of chronic cold stress (2° C) on mortality of mice challenged intra-
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from mice maintained at 2° C. This organism was equally capable
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▼apour, and is condensed in a proper recipient During the process a
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(1958) working with mice found a longer survival time in hypother-
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6. Another and not the least evil of the abuse of alcoholic liquors, is
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tity of oil is present, as to induce us to place them in this
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version of the food into chyme is slower during sleep. A
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calling to itself as much of the nervous power as may correspond with
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appear to be merely passively dilated, it is among the safest and most
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Administralion. They are usually given in the form of decoction,
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made somewhat more permanently irritant to the skin by the addition
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Peppermint Water (Aqua Mentii.« Pifeiiit.«, U. 6\J, formerly pre-
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' Uie direct iLfinexice of the medienM' irbes i: reacbef tbe bmia
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not and should not be taken alone, and the physician must
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grains of the sulphate in half a pint of distilled water. It of course
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spring temperature is 9° above London, 8° above Penzance,