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thereby avoiding the necessity of removing the instru-
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minute quantity to be absorbed from the stomach, precipitate with an excess
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I by the old chemists to a watery distilled liquor,
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posterior palatine foramen or in its course along the roof of the mouth.
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It is not my intention in this paper to attempt to pre-
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is now^ generally used by us, he at least did more than
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pressure will be less ; and in the most distant parts, which lie in some
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vessels, and enters the system in a sort of nascent state, just liberated
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later that I took them off and readjusted them. By that time,
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been reported. It remains to be ascertained what nre the remedies, if there
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bibliographies and catalogues. It has become known as " Askham's
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The main features of the reports and works already mentioned
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articles are totally unlike. The figure in MS. A., fol. 47 b,
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involved are therefore the frontal 21, central 10, and temporo-
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tress, who at that time had an erosive chancre. Dr.
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pronounced dermatitis developed ; the exposures were
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the internal clectroprostatotomy of Botlini, who still atl-
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from British Guiana and the West Indies. It is now recognized, however, that it
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remove the stone through the opening, and the prostate was divided
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losis of the testes is rare. Tuberculous diseases of the
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suffered from persistent abdominal pains, vomiting,
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still there, thou^ greatly reduced in intensity ; but the un-
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of the Gulf states. These infections are common and severe along the