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into four doses, to be used at intervals the following day, according to
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dividual. Goitre may be followed in the course of years by symptoms of
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Nucleated red blood-corpuscles normoblasts are increased in number ;
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The disease is more frequent in men than in women, probably because
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and is transmissible in fomites. It is probably an organism whose
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in the middle of the top of the head, in a point so small as almost to be
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developed abundant fruits, now abandoned and waste, yet giving, in the
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bringing to such a discussion the pleasing graces of rhetoric and the
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precipitate, heated for a few minutes, adheres to the bottom of the dish.
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lavage should be usually practised only once a day, preferably at a time
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general treatment should be very much like that for the morphine habit.
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city of Wheeling a few cases of what was believed to be true Asiatic
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are to be recognized by the heart-pangs, shortness of breath, irregular
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cyst may give rise to no disturbance, it having been found after death of
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ties, and Klebs announces that he has extracted a harmless and benefi-
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liver. This is the result either of a pylephlebitis from the extension of
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be accompanied by lessening of the basal pulmonary resonance and also
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Careful physical examination is likely to show a slight diminution of
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PROGNOSIS. Unilateral hydronephrosis may produce purely me-
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the dorsum of the tongue (the mouth of the patient being open at the
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DEFINITION. A condition of profound exhaustion, with lowered bodily
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caecal variety, often protrudes. On opening the sheath the invaginated
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and decomposition of food which lodges in the diverticulum.
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is free from contents. Among the anthelmintics the oleoresin of male
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one central, the other peripheral.* In the receptive apparatus are a
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of eggnog are often very well borne and very nutritious. The various
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conclusive as anything else we have seen on the subject. It will not
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should be used very largely, sometimes exclusively. Often, especially
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Now, upon what pathological principle can we account for death,
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continue, whilst headache, dizziness, double vision, incoherence of speech,
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and the patient might live for years. It is now recognized that under
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cardiac crisis, the existence of a trophic influence can scarcely be denied.
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more harm than good. Alcohol is to be employed in proportion to the
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tional disturbances to subside, and by the peculiarities of the eruption.
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and about the joints, or sometimes over the whole surface of the body,